You Can Say Goodbye To Low Back Pain With Massage

Low back pain is one of the most costly and common musculoskeletal challenges we have in our modern day. Many people with low back problems want relief without taking medications to mask the symptoms.

There are many types of therapies that can address low back pain. Massage therapy is one that has been shown to to a great job of relieving pain and helping the body heal.

What are the benefits of massage for relieving low back pain?
The level of relief has a lot to do with the type of techniques that are utilized to address the soft tissues of the low back. With the right kind of treatment massage can:

Relax and lengthen muscles and fascia which assists in improving range of motion. It just makes sense that when a muscle is lengthened and the tension is released, that it’s easier to move around with less chance of pulling muscles and causing irritation.

Improves circulation generally throughout the whole body and also specific to the soft tissues of the lower back. Good circulation is often overlooked in conjunction with better health. Good circulation  is needed to transport critical oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and take away metabolic waste products from tightness and congestion for healthy functioning muscles.

Massage triggers endorphin release throughout the body. Another great benefit to massage is the release of the body’s natural endorphins that help you to feel good and reduces the sensation of pain. It’s hard not to feel good after a massage.

What do the studies say about massage therapy in addressing the lower back?
A newer study assigned 400 adults on a random basis with moderate to debilitating pain in the low back to receive full body relaxation massage. Another group received more specific techniques that focused on the problems of the hips and lower back and a third group received standard treatments for low back pain without massage.

All three groups were tracked, but the standard group cared for their back on their own at home. This included taking pain medications, muscle relaxants or not doing anything at all.

After a 10 week trial, both of the massage groups had significant improvements resulting in reduced pain and increased functionality as compared to the standard group. Almost every participant in the massage groups saw modest improvements. Between 36-39 percent of participants said that they had no pain as compared to only 4 percent from the standard care group.

It can be noted that combining other therapies such as chiropractic or physical therapy could easily improve these percentages. It would be great to know that there is a way to help lower back pain that doesn’t take the continual use of anti inflammatories and pain medications .

Massage therapy one of the safest, non-invasive ways to relieve lower back pain and improve functionality with long lasting effects.

If you have low back pain and want a solution, massage therapy could be one of the best options available. Give us a call and schedule an appointment  to help your lower back pain today.