Pain After Surgery Can Be Significantly Reduced With the Use of Acupuncture

Pain after surgery remains a major concern to the patient as well as the doctors and hospital. Around 80% of patients experience some form of post-operative pain. This can be moderate to severe discomfort. Pain management after surgery usually involves opoids (morphine) as well as other forms of pain medication.

Acupuncture can be a powerful treatment in conjunction with medication
“How can acupuncture help?, you might be asking yourself. It has been used for some time to help individuals after surgery to better deal with pain, less medication and zero side effects contributing to post surgery pain.

According to Chinese medicine, pain is present when “Qi” (the body’s energy) and also blood is blocked. Through the use of acupuncture, blood and Qi is unblocked and allowed to become balanced and flow normally, thus reducing the effects of pain.  It might sound hard to understand, because it’s not the same as modern medicine. However, it works for post operative patients trying to manage their pain.

The research tells the story…
The department of anesthesiology at Duke University looked at fifteen research studies that used acupuncture for post operative pain to see its effectiveness. All of the data collected from over 1100 patients showed that their was significant pain reduction to patients that had acupuncture.

All of the patients used pain medications along with the acupuncture. However, their was far less medication needed, which resulted in fewer side effects of the drugs such as dizziness, nausea and drowsiness. In fact, the acupuncture had no negative side effects contributing to the recovery.

Dr. Yanxia Sun at Duke University recommends a combined approach using acupuncture. Patients have found it to be a very positive and effective approach to quicker recovery and getting back to normal in a shorter period of time.

It’s important to remember that Chinese medicine using acupuncture is a tried and true system of therapies that have been used in China for thousands of years. Although there is ongoing research to validate the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain as well as other conditions, treatment protocols have been refined and tested on millions of people over it’s history in real life situations with consistent results.

A skilled and experienced acupuncturist can help you. You can be certain that you will always be safe. Many people worry about needles and that’s understandable. However, modern disposable needles are safe and virtually pain free.

Also, liability is very low using acupuncture, because there are minimal instances of problems performing it on patients. If you are having a surgery and you are worried about post operative pain, you might consider integrating acupuncture into your post surgery recovery.