Orthotics Are Much More Than Arch Supports

Orthotics are misunderstood by many people and much of this confusion comes from not knowing the difference between arch supports and orthotics.

Isn’t an orthotic just another way to say arch support?

An orthotic is much more than an arch support in a shoe. An orthotic is a device made to conform to your foot. Arch supports are generic and are made to generally fit the masses. However, a custom orthotic is made just for you and you can wear them with any shoes you have.

Some other differences:

  • Orthotics are made to last a lifetime. Your lifetime; not the lifetime of your shoes.
  • Arch supports are made generally for the average foot. Like previously mentioned, an orthotic is custom made for your foot only.
  • An orthotic does much more by cradling the heel and entire foot as compared to just the arch.
  • An orthotic is made to always remain firm and maintains a proper foot position. An arch support could flatten out with too much pressure placed on it during activity.
  • Orthotics will improve running or walking gait and always keep the foot in an optimal neutral position. This relieves abnormal pressure on the foot and joints, minimizing problems you may already be experiencing.

Some cautions:

It’s very important that you seek a health care professional and have a complete evaluation of your condition before deciding on orthotics. It shouldn’t be the first option. Musculoskeletal problems can be addressed and a variety of treatments can minimize pain and restore function without orthotics.

However, if you have structural (bone) deficits that are causing pain and problems because of biomechanical disorders during activity, then this approach will be very beneficial and effective.

How are orthotics made?

Before orthotics are fabricated, you’ll be evaluated and asked to perform a gait analysis. This is just a scientific term for an analysis of how you walk and run. These tests will determine how the orthotic needs to be designed and created to allow your foot to strike the ground in a favorable neutral position. This position is most optimal for your hips, knees and feet. Then, we mold your foot to foam casts and your orthotics are made.

The benefit of wearing orthotics

The main benefit is reducing or eliminating pain and discomfort. There are no longer any more abnormal pressures because of foot and leg deficiencies. This can means more energy and less stress from nagging injuries.

We are sure you have many questions regarding the use of orthotics and if they are right for you. We welcome you to call and schedule an appointment, so we can determine what you need. Our hours are flexible to accommodate your scheduling needs. Come on in so we can help you live pain free.