Massage Is a Powerful Way To Alleviate Knee Pain

When dealing with knee pain, the most important thing to do is know what is causing it. You’re probably saying, “Why of course, that’s a no-brainer!” The reason it’s important is to determine the type of treatment needed. Most knee pain involves the soft tissues and massage can greatly help. However, be aware that ligament laxity or damage could be the cause of a knee problem and other treatments or procedures might be needed to ultimately aid in complete recovery.

Nevertheless, massage therapy can always address the soft tissues, restore proper function and reduce pain .

Listen to your pain
If you have pain in the knee and it goes away after a few days, then you really don’t have a lot to worry about. It’s the persistent pain that keeps going on for several days that you really need to pay attention to.

How massage can help your knee?
Many muscles from the upper and lower leg cross the knee joint. Any tight or weak muscles can cause imbalances and tense muscles can create friction and irritation at tedinous attachments, which can cause inflammation and pain. Furthermore,  friction on joint surfaces can also lead to excessive wear and tear and the possibility of arthritis later down the road.

Massage therapy can address all the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and fascia (connective tissue).

When pain becomes chronic, it’s usually because the injury healed poorly. Often adhesive scar tissue is created that binds up damaged unhealthy soft tissue at certain points around the joint. It is healthy when it forms appropriately. However, what often happens is that it occurs randomly and binds soft tissues as a mass of adhesions which restrict movement and even cause the tissue to continue tearing. This can add to scar tissue formation.

You Need To Eliminate Scar Tissue To Get Rid Of the Pain
Scar tissue, when placed under normal tension, stimulates pain at the local nerves in the deeper layers of fascia. Until all of these adhesions are removed and the fascia is released, it will be difficult for the pain to be eliminated.

Because the knee is a very complex structure and there are many ways that it can be injured that produces pain, it’s critical that you have a thorough examination by an orthopedist or a chiropractor that specializes in assessment and diagnosis of different condition affecting the knee.

In addition, A massage therapist should have orthopedic training, understand all assessment protocols and work well with other health care experts.

Knowing the cause of the pain is the key to correct diagnosis and treatment of knee pain. In a lot of cases, a combination of treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage work well together to get you on your feet and successfully recover from any knee pain that you have.

We always talk about getting treatment, but home care and lifestyle that supports healthy joints is probably more important. An exercise, strengthening and stretching routine as well as eating right and getting enough sleep are critical to healthy body and joints.

Do yourself a favor and find a massage therapist that can help you relieve your knee pain, so you can focus on other things than just your health.