Discover the Power of Chiropractic on Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Repetitive stress syndrome or more commonly called repetitive stress injury (RSI), has become more common in our society. RSI is categorized as any ailment that occurs because of a continuous, repetitive motion performed on a continual or daily basis. When a person performs a task that’s repetitive over a long period of time, dysfunction and pain can occur from overuse.

In today’s workplace, this condition is usually the result of spending too many hours on the computer at work as well as at home. However, RSI can occur from any occupation or task that requires repetitive motion. For example, this can occur from using machinery and other equipment to playing video games or even a massage therapist who are performing the same types of movements day in and day out.

Any area of the body can be affected, but one of the most common forms of RSI affecting most people is carpal tunnel syndrome. Other forms of RSI include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

All of these conditions manifest in different areas, but the source of the problem can be in the spine or vertebrae. When there are misalignments and subluxations that put pressure on nerves, it can interfere with normal function and can cause symptoms of numbness, stiffness, weakness and pain that refer to affected areas of the body.

What can an experienced chiropractor do to help Repetitive Stress Injury conditions?
Because a chiropractor is expertly trained to spot misalignments in the spine, problems can be alleviated restoring proper nerve function and significantly help the condition. A chiropractor is trained in properly assessing a condition, so that you will receive the proper treatment to successfully heal and overcome repetitive stress injuries.

Besides a chiropractic adjustment,  other modalities such as massage therapy and physiotherapy could be used in combination to assist your body to heal properly.

This is only one part of the treatment puzzle
With any condition, especially repetitive stress syndrome, home care is critical to a complete recovery and prevent re-injury. That’s why your chiropractor with help develop a stretching and strengthening program as well as help you readjust the way you do activities that brought on the problem in the first place.

For example, making adjustments with your workstation, so you are able to use your computer and the phone with minimum strain and also making sure that regular rest breaks are taken to stretch, hydrate and de-stress.

At Advanced Spinal Clinic we believe that you can be successfully treated for these types of conditions and take control of your life, so you are not feeling the pain that RSI can bring. Stop feeling pain and losing sleep from these types of conditions. The key is to take action and start getting the treatments you need to relieve the symptoms and take care of the source of the problem.