Discover The Positive Effects Of Reducing Anxiety With Acupuncture

We live in a society of worried anxious people. A common phrase that is heard often is that, “there is never enough time in the day”. Most people in modern societies have so much on their plate. Worries and fears of what might happen in the future, can bring on anxiety that can have an effect on every part of our life.

Is anxiety real?
You bet it is! But the catch here is that the effect or result is a real physical reaction to often a worry or fear that never actually happens. For example, I remember when I was a young, I had to go to the doctor to get a shot. The fear and anxiety it caused was so severe, that I couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything the day of the visit. My body literally shut down and by the time my mother took me to the  doctor, I was a total wreck. Well, interestingly, the shot was virtually pain free and only took a couple of seconds to administer.

I literally put my body through a couple of days of trauma for no real reason at all. It’s happened to us all, but the real danger is when this becomes a non-stop chronic condition that causes our bodies to be constantly traumatized on a daily basis by thoughts that have no real basis in reality.

This can have real physical symptoms such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Daily headaches
  • Digestive and Intestinal disorders
  • Ulcers
  • and the list could go on…

So how do we manage anxiety so we can live a healthier life?

There are many ways to deal with anxiety and worry, but one way that has a significant impact is the use of acupuncture. It really is effective in dealing with anxiety.

Acupuncture addresses the mind, emotions and body in a way that other therapies can’t duplicate. In fact, a review conducted at the University of Westminster’s School of Integrated Health in the UK researched and located 12 studies focusing on using acupuncture for generalized anxiety disorders.

They found in all of these studies that positive findings were found. However, there hasn’t been enough research on the subject and more needs to be conducted to draw any firm conclusions.

Do you need to wait for more studies to conclude that it can help?
Evidence based studies are needed and very important. But, understand that there are many therapies and treatments that are safe and effective, like acupuncture, that are based on centuries of results achieved.

Many acupuncture points have been identified and used over the years that have a powerful effect on a person’s outlook on life and the ability to cope with the stresses in a healthy manner. The research will eventually confirm this, but don’t miss out on the benefits of reducing your everyday anxiety and ability to cope, because of insufficient data to confirm it.

If it is safe and has helped many people already, you can’t afford to overlook acupuncture as another way to improve emotional and physical health as well as reduce anxiety.