Discover How Chiropractic Can Reduce The Incidence of Ear Infections Without Drugs or Surgery

Can chiropractic help when your child experiences ear infections?
Ear infections are common among smaller children and can be very painful and problematic. There are millions of cases every year that affect babies as well as young children. In fact, this is the number one reason that parents take children to see a pediatrician every year and accounts for 35% of all visits.

The problem with ear infections is that it’s seldom a one time occurrence. Many children experience  the problem more than once during their early years which requires many treatments. Symptoms can include severe pain, irritability and even fever.

Because an ear infection can be either bacterial or viral, standard treatment to get rid of the infection  can be hit and miss. If it’s bacterial the antibiotics will relieve the symptoms and alleviate the problem temporarily. If it is viral in nature, there will be no improvement.

Unfortunately, you don’t want to just alleviate symptoms, but get at the cause of the problem, so your child doesn’t have to continually suffer. And, repeated use of antibiotics can be dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible.

Of course, if he or she already has an infection, then you want them to take antibiotics. But, it is a good idea to find a better solution without the overuse of drugs.

What is the cause of ear infections?
The reason a child will get an infection in the first place is because of the structure of the ear canal. Fluid can build up and doesn’t properly drain. In most cases, as the child gets older, this problem subsides because the structure of the ear changes and proper drainage occurs.

A pediatrician could suggest surgery to place tubes in your child’s ear to help with the drainage, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will solve the problem. In addition, surgery which requires general anesthesia should be the last resort for this problem.

Can chiropractic help in the case of ear infections?
There have been many children with chronic ear infections helped with chiropractic care. There haven’t been any large scale studies completed for this condition, but some smaller studies in individual clinics show that it can be beneficial.

For example, a study published  by  Froehle RM. in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiology Therapy, shows positive improvement for ear infections on 54 children 5 years and younger. This was carried out in a private Minneapolis chiropractic clinic.

The treatment was focused on adjusting subluxations in the cervical vertebrae as well as occiput (base of the skull). This treatment resulted in freeing up obstructions to allow the ear to drain and prevent an infection from occurring. The improvements were based on the feedback of the parents as to how their child felt, based on improvement or elimination of symptoms.

The results showed that 93% of all conditions improved. 75% of those in less than 10 days and 43% after only one or two treatments. All treatments were stopped after improvements were made.

The conclusion?
Although this was a very limited study, chiropractic can be very effective in helping ear infections and preventing the chance of it becoming chronic. It’s worth your time to call and ask all of your questions to see if this is right for your child.