Chiropractic Is Effective in Preventing and Recovering from Sports Injuries

It really doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, you want to perform your best. But, there is always the possibility of getting injured and this can set you back.

It happens to everyone, but the key to continually enjoying your favorite activity, is knowing how to prevent injuries and getting the right treatment recover fast and continue to participate in the sport or activity that you enjoy.

Why do you get injured?
Unfortunately, most people neglect many factors that can bring on an injury. It could be inadequate flexibility or going too hard and fast for too long of a time. For instance, many runners get overuse injuries, because they don’t warm up properly before workouts. Also, they try to do too much to get in shape too quickly or train too hard in an attempt to improve their times.

The body can only take so much stress. With too much stress on the body, combined with a lack of stretching and rest, an injury will occur.

Does this pertain only to athletes?
You probably don’t consider yourself an athlete, but we are all athletes to some degree in our everyday lives. The same principles apply to what you do on a daily basis as compared to an athlete in any sport. Activities around the house like gardening, house cleaning or moving furniture, can be easily compared to participating in a sport. Injuries can occur that could be avoided, if the proper precautions are taken.

Warming up, using the proper technique, not going any harder than you are capable and adequate rest, is just as important with all activities and sports.

If you get hurt from a sport or any activity, what can chiropractic do to help you?
Chiropractic is an excellent way to receive a balanced approach to treatment and successfully heal from many common sports injuries or activities that you participate.

A complete and thorough exam of your condition is followed by a treatment plan, that in most cases, includes a chiropractic adjustment and other forms of therapy that address misalignments, injured ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The proper treatment combined with educating the patient with proper home care, can help you continue what you love with a minimal risk of future injury. You can enjoy your sport without being in pain and having to leave it because of injury.

Athletes that use chiropractic
There are more and more professional as well as college athletes that use chiropractic on a regular basis to heal from injuries as well as keep in top shape through preventative care. They have found that using chiropractic care really helps in maximizing athletic performance.

Past football greats such as Joe Montana, Emmit Smith, Bill Romanowski and Terrel Owens used chiropractic extensively throughout their careers to keep them in top shape.

Arnold Scharzenegger believed chiropractic was a big part of his bodybuilding success and he still supports the benefits to this day. We could go on and on with many other athletes currently using chiropractic to keep them at the top of their game.

At Advanced Spinal Clinic, we can help you with your sport injury. Proper assessment, treatment and education on how to compete with a minimal risk of injury, is vital to your success on the field, track, court or even around the house.