Another Safe Option To Reduce or Eliminate Morning Sickness

Fifty to ninety percent of all pregnant women are affected by morning sickness. The affects can be from feeling slightly unsettled to severe vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to certain odors and foods. For many women, it is only experienced during the first trimester, but for a small percentage, it can occur throughout the entire pregnancy.

Did you know that acupuncture can be extremely effective in treating morning sickness?
A study from Adelaide University’s Women and Children’s Hospital found that acupuncture significantly reduced nausea and the uncomfortable vomiting into the second week of treatment.

Six hundred women were involved in the study that were at least 14 weeks pregnant and had morning sickness symptoms. They had a weekly 20 minute session of acupuncture for 4 weeks.

What does this mean for women with this condition?
It means that they now have other options besides just suffering through the symptoms. Acupuncture provided by an experienced professional is completely safe for this condition.

Many studies have shown that needling PC6, an acupuncture point found on the wrist, as a common point used in a treatment. The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management has shown that the stimulation of this point helps to ease morning sickness symptoms.

In fact, another study shows that the group receiving needling of PC6 on both wrists, showed a reduction of symptoms for that group. Interestingly, in the study they did a switch and then treated the other group that was receiving placebo acupuncture and the same results were achieved.

All 33 women in the study had indicated that they had daily vomiting and by the third day, less than 50% of the active group were still vomiting, compared to seventy-five percent in the placebo group.

Of course, studies are always limited, but the fact that there were results in practically every woman, indicates this should be considered as a viable treatment option to combat the effect of morning sickness.

Why haven’t you heard of this?
It just goes to show that there are many alternative options that can help almost any condition that we don’t know about. Remember, that although relatively new in the U.S., acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. Chinese medicine practitioners in history have had the results of helping morning sickness by using the same treatment protocols on women in the real world with real results.

As shown, studies have been conducted, but even with clinical limitations the great results of using acupuncture remain.
Advanced Spinal Clinic provides many different therapies to help you resolve any health issues you may have, including morning sickness. Consider giving us a call and see how acupuncture can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.