Acupuncture Is Another Powerful Way To Support Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming more of a problem every year in the U.S. Some could say that it is totally out of control. The incidence of this condition could be as high as 20% in some populations (Hispanics, African Americans, elderly and even Native Americans)

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is primarily a dysfunction of the pancreas that inhibits insulin from being released into the blood to lower blood sugar. This is vital to the health of the system by keeping blood sugar in balance.

What are some causes of diabetes?
The type of diabetes that is most prevalent in our society is type 2. It is categorized as adult onset and in the majority of cases, non-insulin dependent as compared to type 1 in which injection of insulin into the body is mandatory to survival.

Around 90 percent of people suffering from diabetes have type two, and of those, approximately 80% are overweight

Here are some common causes of type 2 diabetes:

  • Obesity – When an individual is overweight, there is an increased resistance to insulin. This means that if the body has more than 30 percent body fat, there is a greater disposition to having this condition.
  • Poor diet – Whenever the diet is lacking from eatingĀ  highly processed foods, fat and low fiber can bring on this condition.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – People that don’t exercise or stay active are more disposed to diabetes as compared to those that exercise at least 3 times a week.
  • Stress – Stress can bring on a lot of problems, including diabetes.
  • Age – As we get older there is a higher possibility of having this condition. Although this may occur at any age, 80% of all cases occur after 50. However, this is usually the result of other factors taking a toll on the body year after year that predisposes a person to having this condition as they get older.
  • Heredity – There has been strong evidence that genetics can have an influence on this condition. It has been shown that the blood relationship with the mother increases the chance 2 to 3 percent. If the dad is diabetic, the percentages go up and it goes up even further if both parents have the disease.

Can acupuncture assist in helping diabetes?
Although someone that is diagnosed with diabetes has it for life, it doesn’t mean that blood sugar can’t be controlled without having to inject insulin to lower it. Chinese medicine consisting of acupuncture, herbal formulas and meditation has been shown to very effective in controlling blood sugar levels in the body and keeping diabetes in check.

Acupuncture points can balance the bodies energy, but herbal formula prescriptionsĀ  have been shown to be chemically very powerful in keeping blood sugar in a healthy range.

Chinese medicine is a great alternative in conjunction with diabetic drugs and insulin. Many people have been able to lower their drug intake and insulin or stop using it altogether. If you want another option, acupuncture is worth exploring to help you with your diabetes.